and Texts

Using only the camera
on your phone

Unleash the power of

QR Codes

No app to download.

Never miss a moment to
connect with someone
works on every device.

Works on every device. just point
your camera, and be connected
via email or text.

A qr-code that instantly
connects people to you


Your business, your life. whether
you are a consultant a contractor,
a real estate agent.


Connects with your gmail and
google drive to auto capture




Is like a digital business card. Only way better.


We make a style designed for your professional or personal needs it’s a shortcut to instantly connect with your audience


Put your contact on their
phones homescreen,
touch free payments

Are you SIMILAR TO linktree, FLOWCODE, DOT or

other SITES like that?

No. This is the best way for people wanting to grow their
business and audience. It’s not just a business card or
simple linking tool.

This is leveraging QR codes to exchange texts, emails, contacts, and transact with Stripe, Paypal, Tipjar and other
payment processors.

What best

describes you?

Someone who wants to capture leads and increase sales?

Are you an Independent Contractor? School or
College, Realtor, DJ,Musician, Artist, Influencer, restaurant,
Affiliate marketer, Non Profit, political figure, Doctor, party
planner, wedding planner, High school or college, gym or spa
owner, small business owner, network marketer or lawyer.

choose the perfect plan

Pick the Plan that's right for you.




One time non-recuring Set up
fee of $35



Need Hassle Free

Affordable Printing?

Because your SlickID is personal, We’ve got you covered. No more headaches.
We can cover every aspect of your printing needs. Since we already have
your files, It’s easy to design to your liking. Just email or schedule a time to
discuss here:

Independent Contractors

Are you a sales rep or consultant for a company? Does
your lifeblood depend on getting people’s emails or texts to
follow up sales? Check these SlickID’s

Realtor or Mobile Company?

If you are showing a home or want to get peoples info
through text or email, this app is perfect for you. check
these SlickID’s

Musician, Band or Artist?

You can connect with your audience and make more
money with SlickID through tips than your gig pays!
Check these SlickID’s

Influencer or Social Media Person?

Forget linktree and others. this is how you engage
your followers, not just pacify them.
Check these SlickID’s


Have a unified, shareable experience
for your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are selling multiple items from wine, amazon,
Commisson Junction, ClickBank, Check these SlickID’s

Non Profit Organization

This is a great way to connect with your donors and keep
them up to date.
Check these SlickID’s

Political Figure?

You want to stay in touch with your supporters. precint walking,
fundraisers, now you can be connected with one
Click check these SlickID’s

Doctors, physicians

Being able to stay connected to your patients and easily give
them quick access to your details is a perfect fit for your custom SlickID. Check these SlickID’s

Party Planner or Wedding

Now you have one spot for all your customers and
potential clients to see your work and connect with you.

High School or College

Football, Volleyball, ticket sales, brochure sales, all
contained in one simple slickID check it out here

Gym Owners

Increase sales and engagements with your members. QR Codes make it simple to point, scan and join!


Need to share important info with your employees? Your SlickID will keep everyone focused and on point.

Network marketers

Its all about your network. Linktree only gives you half the power of SlickID. Turbo charge your reach with your SlickID site.


Use SlickID’s QR Codes when doing a webinar and instantly
capture your entire audience’s emails, texts or have them fill
out a form.

Small business

Staying connected to customers becomes easy. You can put your SlickID on the homescreen of their phone! Check these SlickID’s


Keeping your clients engaged and adding new clients
becomes instant with your SlickID.


Playing out and want to expand your reach? SlickID get people to your music and bookings with one scan of a camera phone.