Turbocharge Your Website And Smartphone With Leads and Sales!

SlickID is a Digital Hub seamlessly connecting your website, contacts, email, text, SMS, QR codes, resumes, websites, social media, music, Venmo, Zelle, videos, eCommerce, and more! It’s your virtual office at your fingertips.

No app to download

Easily connect everyone to your everything!

Works on every device. QR codes, tappabel business cards, Key Fobs... You decide!

QR codes to instantly
connect your email, text, contact card (.vcf), website,  phone call and access your SlickID workspace… and so much more. 


Perfect for independent Contractors, Consultants, Realtors, Musicians, Artists or anyone needing to connect professionally or personally. 


SlickID connects to your gmail, google drive and google sheets to
automatically capture leads.


slick.id seamlessly connects your website and phone into a cummunication hub


No additional software or downloads.


Custom designed to match your brand and company.


Put SlickID on the home screen of your phone or your customers phone.



If you want to capture leads, increase sales or connect your digital goods or services, SlickID can connect with your e-commerce platform. Or, we can enable that feature for you.

In addition, you get access to:

. Training
. Marketing Materials
. SlickTV
. SlickSAFE
. Custom Printing services
. Free SlickID with website hosting!


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Website Hosting
$25 Per Month + SlickID Included!


SLickID Only $99 Per year

SlickID Yearly Pricing

One time set up
fee of $ 99.99

$25 a month


a year


One time non-recurring Set up
fee of $ 99.99

a year

Scout & Cellar Reps
PER YEAR Pricing

No Setup Fee!

Unleash the power of


Are you SIMILAR TO linktree, FLOWCODE, DOT or

other types of SERVICES?

No,  those sites are great for simple connections but are very limited in what they can do or offer. Your SlickID is an extension of YOU. Customized for YOU. A way to connect others with YOU. 

You get access to QR codes, custom forms, custom designs that reflect your business and personality.  SlickID can integrate e-commerce solutions and has features to instantly connect you with new leads, new friendships and maintain close contact with your colleagues and friends. If you have a website, we can host it and you get SlickID for free. Our website design, printing services, and access to marketing tips and tricks will increase your sales, help you work smarter and expand your reach. 

SlickID is the absolute best service for professionals wanting to grow their business and audience. It’s not just a QR business card or simple linking tool, It’s a KILLER sales and marketing machine!
…And we are here for you every step of the way. 

You can also leverage your QR codes to exchange texts, emails, and contacts, auto-dial your phone on someone else’s phone and transact with Stripe, Paypal, Tipjar, and other payment processors.



We built Howard Stern’s first website and have been working with Fortune 500 companies for 25 years. When you host with Slick.ID you get access to all the knowledge we have acquired over the years directly to your inbox.  You also get exclusive access to our community of like minded business people wanting to grow and improve sales.

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banners, business cards, brochures...

low cost Printing for business cards, banners, postcards...

For 30 years, our DNA is rooted in high quality design and perfect and affordable printing.
When you have SlickID in your back pocket, all your assets are safe, archived and at a high resolution for printing. 
Think of us as your vault for all your assets and a resource that only has your best interest at heart because you are a part of SlickID. 
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Independent Contractors

Are you a sales rep or consultant for a company?
Does your lifeblood depend on getting people’s emails or texts to follow up on sales?
This is why you need SlickID.

Realtor or Mobile Company?

Do you wish you could capture every person that came in your open house? With SlickID as soon as they walk through the door you can capture their emails, texts and phone calls instantly with your custom QR Codes. Realtors acquiring over 50% more leads using SlickID.

Independent Contractors

Are you a sales rep or consultant for a company?
Does your lifeblood depend on getting people’s emails or texts to follow up on sales?
This is why you need SlickID.

Musician, Band or Artist?

Whether you are a solo act, gigging with your band or dominating the big stage, SlickID connects with your audience using QR Codes that connect your music with your fans and audience. We also integrate free software that gets you instant money for tips. Many bands are making more money with their tips than they are paid for the gig! All this is free, and SlickID takes no money in the tipping transaction. 

Influencer or Social Media Person?

LinkTree, Dot, flowcode and others are just plain ugly or do one thing. If you have different channels you make money with, SlickID provides a custom design and ability to monetize and connect your followers. 


Whatever POS system you are using, SlickID can enhance your customer experience and go beyond the restaurant by using QR codes and forms to gather email addresses and easily create custom emails for your customers.  We can help you integrate all your internet restaurant technology.  

Affiliate Marketing

Are you selling multiple items from from different companies like Commission Junction, ClickBank or Share-A-Sale? SlickID can help unify your sales efforts with custom built and branded mini websites with your SlickID digital business card.  Get SlickID and start expanding your affiliate sales reach. 

Non Profit Organization

SlickID is honored to have Non Profit Organizations recognize the power of our platform and the ability to increase awareness and donations. SlickID digital QR profiles help volunteers with fundraising and connecting with new donors and volunteers.
Check these SlickID’s

Political Figure?

If you are running for office, it’s imperative you have technology to help recruit supporters and voters. SlickID provides a perfect platform for keeping in touch with your constituents, volunteers and supporters. Whether you are precinct walking, hosting a fundraiser or even a casino night, SlickID keeps you one click away from your entire organization. 

Doctors, physicians

As insurance issues create more barriers and patient management becomes increasingly distant, having the ability to use technology to create a more personal experience has never been more important. A SlickID patient driven business card provides quick access to doctor portals and the ability to bring more genuine connections back to Doctor – Patient relationships.  

Party Planner or Wedding

You are busy and work with customers and suppliers. SlickID QR business cards allow you to organize and share information with both audiences and reduces the amount of communication necessary to plan your events. Your brides and suppliers will thank you for your mini directory to keep things on track. 

High School or College

If you are running the Quarterback Football club, or  Volleyball, soccer, wrestling, basketball programs, SlickID can help you integrate all your ticketing, volunteer, photos, videos and other software necessary to connect parents, students and athletes to the game. 

Gym Owners

If you own a gym or a trainer at a gym, SlickID is the best way for you to source new clients and communicate with them with ease. SlickID increase gym member acquisitions and helps extend their membership with easy billing integrations (credit card, ACH, Cryptocurrency) along with QR Codes that you can put on gym equipment to show how people can use each workout station. 


Need to share important info with your employees? Your SlickID will keep everyone focused and on point.

Network marketers

Its all about your network. Linktree only gives you half the power of SlickID. Turbo charge your reach with your SlickID site.


Use SlickID’s QR Codes when doing a webinar and instantly capture your entire audience’s emails, texts or have them fill out a form.

Small business

Staying connected to customers has never been easier. QR Codes allow you to instantly connect with your audience and you can put your SlickID business card directly on the home screen of any phone. 


Your lifeblood depends on getting more clients. SlickID serves not only as a QR business card, but it’s a powerful lead generator for your practice. Discover how you can build a larger client base. Give us a moment and book some time below for a demo. 


Playing out and want to expand your reach? SlickID get people to your music and bookings with one scan of a camera phone.
e.g. More sales, better visibility, networking, more traffic?