As a Consultant, Realtor, Restaurant, Band or Brand, SLICK.ID is the quickest and touchless way to get your customers to interact and buy from you. Touchless. COVID friendly. SAFE!

one click number dialing

Your phone number is clickable so people can contact you instantly. The form submission also allows you to capture their email.

custom qr code

Just open your camera and click. Your custom QR-Code will instantly transfer your details to their phone. Total touchless control from connection to transaction.

free training and updates

Every plan comes with updates and training on how to maximize your MiniApp and get people engaged on all social networks and public spaces.

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Pick the Plan that’s right for you. 

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Frequently asked questions

Think about Slick.ID as a digital business card with the ability to quickly connect your customers to a transaction. You can  post anywhere, anytime and never gets lost or thrown away like a regular business card. If you meet someone and want to exchange contact info without exchanging a physical business card or touching someone else’s phone, you just point your camera at the QR code and BOOM! your exact digital business card shows up on their phone. It’s also great for teams or employees to connect easily with each other. 

Yes, your Slick.ID can support integrations with paypal, stripe, Venmo, CashApp and Zelle. Slick.ID does not take any money or charge anything for this service. All you need to do is provide us with the links to where you want the payment buttons to connect. 

What makes Slick.ID so powerful is the ability to share it with anyone on any platform on any device.  You can literally populate everybody’s cell phone with your Digital Business Card and they can save it to their mobile home page with a few clicks. If you share it on any social network that link to your Digital Business Card will quickly connect you with one click. It also allows you to quickly and easily capture emails with the email form. 

It came from a few ideas. I have a few different companies and having to have business cards for each one was cumbersome and down right ineffective. Then COVID hit and the last thing I wanted to do is take someone’s business card. Plus, I lose business cards or when I get back to my office, the last thing I want to do is type in all the contact information! I also needed a way for people to send me money. That’s why I incorporated the ability to take Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, CashApp and Stripe for credit card processing. It’s so easy now to send money, but not so easy to share with people where to go. the Slick.ID Digital Business Card solves those problems!

In addition, my wife started a wine consulting business and she liked what I had built and asked me to make her a Digital Business Card. Now she can point people with the app to all the areas on the website instantly. Otherwise it is very unlikely someone is going to go to the website and navigate the right place on a website. Fewer the clicks, the more likely you get a sale. I also needed a way to easily market on different channels like email, social media, one to one meetings and random gatherings. It’s hard to get people to easily remember and connect with you. The ability to easily take a picture of the QR-Code and instantly get the same app on their phone is super powerful and people remember you!  

Slick.ID is a subsidiary of 11 Amps, Inc. 


"This is a great way for me to market my wine as a consultant. I can direct them right to places they need to buy and I can grab their info when I am reaching out to them"
Wine Consultant
"This QR-code thing is brilliant. People can scan my QR Code and boom they have my on their phone! I showed them how to put it on their home screen and now they are one click away from buying more products from me. Very powerful"
eCommerce Owner
"I use this like a "mini-app" when I am doing social media marketing and it works so much better than having to create different campaigns with different target URLs"
Marketing Manager
"Slick.ID makes my life so much easier to connect with people and make sales. "