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Join WTR Water Release Therapy® expert, Mimi Camarillo, for an intuitive experience of integrated healing above and below the surface of therapeutic water. A concept rooted in Watsu, Water Release Therapy® combines aquatic bodywork and zen meditative movements performed in a warm pool, to allow the release of trauma and tension from the mind and body. With a healing touch, deep presence and open heart, Mimi will use intuition to choreograph a unique and personalized session, holding space for your personal healing and delivering an overall sense of well-being.

Your personal retreat journey includes access to a private pool house, outdoor shower, and infrared sauna. Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy is also integrated into the experience. Ojai Watsu Water Healing sessions are held at an off-site luxury retreat conveniently located only 5 minutes from The Ojai Valley Inn. (Individual transportation is required)

About Aquãtez Ojai

Your Aquãtez Ojai Therapist

15 Years of aquatic bodywork experience. Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider.

Mimi is a vibrant, peaceful, compassionate, kind beauty who’s sparkly and intuitive self holds sacred space for clients to receive source’s energy while revitalizing and rejuvenating the soul of the ‘Receiver’ back to divine alignment. Mimi is honored to share her gifts, talent, and love with all who are called to receive WRT Water Release Therapy®.

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Aquãtez Ojai Inspired by

Water Release Therapy® is designed to release trauma, old patterns and holding stored in the body and mind. The client experiences the process of deep release and a profound unfolding from whatever maybe keeping one from living fully.WRT® has evolved from many different forms of therapy including a water form of Zen Shiatsu, which is an ancient Japanese and Chinese therapy used to relieve a variety of problems by detecting imbalanced flow along the body’s meridians. The session is co-created by the provider and client as the provider has mastered the ability to recognize and read the body’s response to movement and manipulation. All while the provider is incorporating techniques to restore the balanced flow. The treatments are done entirely in a mineral pool that is heated to body temperature (98.6°F).In the 90 minute session, the client is gradually taken entirely under the water; freed from the bounds of cellular memory and gravity. One can embrace inspiration, flow, trust, courage, connection, joy, openness, adventure, peace and well-being in literally transformational and unlimited ways. The WRT® often evokes the wisdom and support of powerful universal energy. The practice of this work has evolved personally and professionally with the support and teachings of the Native American Indian Teachings, Spiritual Guides, meditation, nature therapy, prayer, Shakti, and much more.

History of WRT

Aquãtez Ojai Benefits

Clinically proven benefits of WRT®: Deep and often profound relaxation, Reduced pain, stress and fatigue, Increased energy and vitality, Reduced muscle tension, weakness and guarding, Interruption of muscle contractions and pain cycles, Increased range of motion, Improved body awareness, muscle tone, posture, breathing, and skin circulation, The recovery and release of emotional issues and deep seated trauma conditions that respond well to Water Release Therapy®:

Chronic back, shoulder, neck or hip problems, Strokes and recovery, Stress, and stress-related disorders, Acute and chronic pain, including headaches, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Low energy, chronic fatigue, sleeping problems, Strains, sprains, and fractures, Arthritis, Depression or hyperactivity, Neuro-muscular disorders, Head injuries, Healing trauma from auto accidents, Healing from surgery (reduces edema, increases circulation, speeds up recovery, Discomforts of pregnancy, Trust issues resulting from trauma and abuse, Fear of the water, Grief work, Aging, Blood pressure, Cancer, Cerebral palsy, Multiple sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Imbalances in yin and yang, Disharmonies between the internal organs and the blockage of the circulation of chi through the meridians.

Benefits of WRT


“Mimi was very fluid in her movement and always had control of my body. I felt safe and very loved, I did not want this session to end” -Craig F. Certified Building Official and Project Manager


“It was a wonderful trip to a complete state of blissful relaxation”- Tiffany C. MD

“Mimi is so confident and knows just what my body needs. I felt safe and so loose, I had fun!” Joanna K. 89 yr., MFT

“I felt completely supported and open. I loved the beginning supportive verbal meditation. Contact was beautiful and perfectly firm” –Annette C. Licensed Massage Therapist




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